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And Walk Through

Anthony DiPietro's chapbook of the pandemic, And Walk Through, was published in 2021 by Seven Kitchens Press. His poem "First Quarantine" appears on the press's website.

Anthony wrote this series of poems in the earliest days of the pandemic, composing on a typewriter in his tiny apartment. The isolation of lockdowns inspired thoughts about other periods of life that resemble quarantine, and the book was born.

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Anthony DiPietro


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About Anthony

A New England native born and raised in Providence, RI, Anthony has also lived in San Diego, CA; Portland, OR; and Knoxville, TN, and has visited all of the lower 48 states. Following a successful career managing community organizations focused on social service and social justice, in 2016, he enrolled at Stony Brook University to earn his MFA in creative writing. Since completing the degree, he has become a museum administrator and relocated to greater Boston.

Link to full bio

Link to professional CV.

Anthony has developed this resource for fellow writers: How to submit and publish your work.

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Recent Writing


2021 Poems

Two poems appear in the latest issue of Typehouse Literary Magazine.

Yrs, is featured at Scoundrel Time.

Two of my collaborations with Apple iPhone predictive text appear at Summerset Review.


SPIT, POET! in Motif Magazine on my aesthetic, prose poetry, and building community in writing workshops.

Rappahannock Review Issue 7.1 Contributor Interview for more on my aesthetic and writing process.

2020 Poems

Recipe appeared in The 2020 Gallery: Marking Time from The Public's Radio.

Arkana awarded Editor's Choice to Resurrection Spell, and you can hear me read it on the site.

Prose poem When I was an uber driver, appears at Puerto del Sol.

Stirring Lit features A Letter to My Therapist While I Am High, a mashup with James Baldwin's novel Giovanni's Room.

Three poems on the pandemic were published in a special issue of GUESTHOUSE: Ante Meridiem, Cul-de-sac, and Night Owl.

Love Is Finished Again is featured in Breakwater Review.

Driving Across the Texas Panhandle, the Sky Blushed appears on The Broadkill Review.

Storm Cellar Quarterly awarded Possession Diary second place in its annual Force Majeure flash contest (see pg.4).

Broken City Magazine features Delirium with Lines from Rebecca (pg.7).

2019 Writing

A Guide to Living with It (essay)

On Rappahannock Review, read Mornings Are Mostly Made of Habits

In Jet Fuel Review: city boy hears crickets as advancing army sirens

Pretty Owl Poetry features If What Physicists Now Admit (p.34)

Two poems, Self-Talk in End Times and A few years ago, I got a ticket for being exposed... are part of Issue 19 of Monday Night.

While Your Husband Is Drinking in Dallas appears in Cider Press Review.

Home: Latest Book
Home: Latest Book

"A writer is someone who has taught his mind to misbehave."

"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all."

Oscar Wilde

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Watch and Listen

Guts Publishing hosted a reading for the anniversary of its anthology Stories About Penises. Anthony's reading of The Violinist at the Pulitzer Reading and Colossus Endowed lasts from about 43:00-49:00.

Anthony read in May 2020 with his Stony Brook University graduate school cohort.

Here Anthony reads with members of a Prose Poetry class I taught in April 2020.

Anthony also read at the virtual launch of The Southampton Review in May 2020 (4th reader).

For audio-only recordings of published poems not available to read online, visit this SoundCloud page. Titles include Resurrection Spell, The Violinist at the Pulitzer Reading, Who Do You Think You Are?, A Garden Missing from It, hi nrg edm + me, The Invention of Sex, What Possessed Them to Create Me?, and Thirteen Ways of Looking at an Affair.

Reading at One Kings Lane in December 2018: Self-Talk in End Times.

Reading at a National Poetry Month 2018 reading on video here. (I introduce the event, then read at 16:30 and 37:00.)

Video: reading This Poem Should Be Neither Seen Nor Heard at Poetry Street, a monthly community event, September 2017.

Reading at a National Poetry Month 2017 celebration at Stony Brook Southampton Library. You can see and hear the reading here.

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